A Beautiful Virago Named Hope (sunneyone) wrote in womensbookclub,
A Beautiful Virago Named Hope

Book review - spoilers inside

I finished In the Woods this morning. I thought that it was good, but the ending left me feeling empty. I wish we'd found out what happened to his friends. Otherwise, dude destroyed his career for nothing!!! Except for that, the book was good. I thought it was well-written. Although, I'm honestly NOT sure how his boss did NOT know he was Adam Ryan. That should have been found in his background check. Law enforcement checks are so incredibly thorough they know about that time in the bathroom when you were the only one home. Okay, not really, but they're pretty thorough. He should have been in their system and computers have been around long enough that it should have picked up.
Heh, I liked it enough to check the sequel out from the library.....

What did y'all think?
Tags: book review, books of the month
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