A Beautiful Virago Named Hope (sunneyone) wrote in womensbookclub,
A Beautiful Virago Named Hope

I have three authors I just love to read. Well actually, I have more than three, but these three just happen to write books that I can't put down. They're relatively new writer and every book by each one just seems to be amazing.

The first one is Sarah Addison Allen. Part of the charm of her novels is that they're set in North Carolina, where I'm from. The other part of the charm is that when I read her books, I don't want them to end. I greedily want more about the characters. In fact, I loved that in her last book, she has the characters from the first novel play a small role in the story. So far, she's written Garden Spells, The Sugar Queen, The Girl Who Chased the Moon and The Peach Keeper.

The next one is Joshilyn Jackson. She only has a handful of books right now, but I feel like each one of them has been solid stuff. I randomly picked up one of her books, Between, Georgia at the library and it was just so riveting. Her last two books gods in Alabama and Backseat Saints are two sides of a story coin. I also really loved The Who at Stopped Swimming. Actually, I found that one to be really touching.

Joanne Harris is also an author that I've come to love. I've read most of her work and it's just so good. Her stories have mystery, magic and this old world charm.

Who are some of your favorite authors these days?
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